Advanced football analysis tool built for coaches, players and other individuals. With features like creating custom events and messaging system linked to specific events and sent to specific players. Our events (video clips) are not limited, you can always watch before or after the event has happened.


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We analyze, you coach

Analysis of any match on your demand. We create events and tags as they happen. Parameters like event name, location, involved players, timeline and tags are linked to every analyzed situation. We provide easy to use filters with instant results on your demand 24/7.

Advanced filters that are easy to use

Our filters are easy to use. You can filter events in every way possible. With advanced functions like switching positions between normal and static, and/or function in search query and plenty of others. With our system you can filter events based on more than one match. For example, if you want to see all lost balls of a specific player from all matches that he played in you are just one click away.


Create, Comment, Manage

Create your own events independently of analysis provided by us. You can easily create custom tactical events that are linked to specific time in match. Add private note to events or comment and share it with selected players through our messaging system. Manage events, comments and notes in special tabs. You always have complete control of the situation.


We are in the Cloud!

Our services are accessible at any given time on any location on planet. Because our system is web based you do not need to install anything on your device. Everything is safely stored on our secure servers. The system is compatible with laptops, tablets and mobile phones, no mather if you have Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.



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